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CHARTER OF USE OF THE SITE "TheDatingNetwork-The Best Dating Affiliate Program"SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM" affiliatte dating The purpose of this charter is to define the general conditions of use of the site "WWW.SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM".Réseaux sociaux, communautés, groupes : cherchez les différences ! This site provides a dating service between people accessible to members of SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM. The pages of the website "SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM" does not normally present any information contrary to public order or good morals. However, as a precaution, SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM intends to reserve the access of its site to the adults only. To access the service offered by SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM the user must be at least 18 years old and complete the registration form on the site. The services offered by SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM paying wire for men and women. 1. Acceptance of charter of use Enrollment in the SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM service and the use of the "WWW. SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM" site assume full and complete acceptance of the User's Terms of Use. By accessing the site and registering for the service, the user declares to have read the charter. By checking the box "I have read and accept the terms of use of SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM" at the bottom of the registration page, the user accepts unreservedly to be bound by it, Ci and fully and fully respect the terms. 2. User Rights 2.1 Personal information In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, Dite Loi Informatique et Liberté, the user has the right to consult, modify, rectify and delete all personal data brought to the attention of SEXY - RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM when using the service. This right may be exercised by e-mail to the following address: COM@SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM or by post to the following address: LGAA2 4RUE LOUIS MOREAUX 91150 ETAMPE ------------------------------------------------- The site may transmit this information to third parties. If the user does not wish to do so, he / she is free to make his / her refusal known to the address indicated above. It is agreed that such information will be kept in our computer for 1 year. The data of prospects will be suppressed, on recommendation of the CNIL, maximum one year after their collection or when they have not responded to two successive solicitations. 2.2 Using Site Logging Data To estimate the use of our site or to detect possible computer intrusions, we plan to exploit the data of connection to the site (date, time, Internet address, protocol of the computer of a visitor, page consulted). This data will be kept in our computer for 1 year. 3. User commitment The user certifies and guarantees the accuracy and conformity to the reality of the data transmitted. He certifies in particular that the photographs and / or videos put online represent it. The user is responsible for the contents transmitted by him and he undertakes to refrain from broadcasting in the interactive services offered to him messages of an offensive, insulting, denigrating, degrading or unrelated nature That could impede the proper functioning of the site and infringe on the privacy of users connected to the site. The user undertakes not to transmit an insult or defamation message against a connected user or a third party. The user undertakes not to use the site in any way whatsoever to the minors, in particular by manufacturing, transporting, disseminating messages of a violent or pornographic nature or likely to seriously damage the human dignity. The user must refrain from broadcasting any pornographic, racist or illegal content that may affect the sensitivity or integrity of another user or the brand image of the site by messages, text or images provocative. The user is prohibited from transmitting any material containing viruses or other harmful elements to the site or to third parties, to transmit by e-mail or in any other way any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional material spam ", or any other form of solicitation) harass any other user (s), or, more generally, to pass on any content that may violate applicable laws, or interfere with the use of, Use of the site by any other user. --------------------------------------------------- The user must refrain from attempting any intrusion into the automated data processing system or altering, in whole or in part, the elements contained therein. Such acts are punishable by criminal penalties. 4. Intellectual Property SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM owns all the industrial and intellectual property rights relating to the content of the site (trademarks, logos, graphics and illustration, databases including news and specific software Developed for the use of the site, editorial content, presentation of services). Consequently, the user is not authorized to reproduce, in whole or in part, on any medium whatsoever, the constituent elements of this site, without the express prior authorization of SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM. The user undertakes not to infringe directly or indirectly the intellectual property rights of SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM and its legitimate interests. The user undertakes not to carry out a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial extraction of the databases put on line on the site, nor to use this data in an abnormal setting, nor to make any modifications to these databases, Adapt, transform, arrange or translate them. The user grants to SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM free of charge a right of use, diffusion, reproduction and representation of the photographs and videos representing him and that he put on line. It is understood that in no case the user can not act against SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM, for whatever reason, due to the publication of photographs or videos representing him. 5. RESPONSIBILITY OF SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM Given the volume of the information concerned, the control of the contents thus transmitted can only be limited. SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM can not therefore be held responsible for the content, and in general SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM can not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur in the use of service. 6. PAYING SERVICES The services offered on this site are paying for men and women. The payment of the price of the services ordered by the user is made directly on the site when the order by communication of the card number by means of a secure payment system (pass or paypal or other) ------------------------------------------- 7. DURATION, SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION 7.1. Subscriptions take effect from the user's registration to the SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM service. The subscriptions are subscribed for a duration of the contacts renewed tacitly for periods of the same duration. 7.2. The user can cancel his subscription at any time by sending an e-mail of denunciation to the service SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM. Upon termination, the subscription price of the current month is not reimbursed to the user. 7.3. In the event of breach by the user herein, SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM reserves the right to suspend or terminate its account without notice or refund. 7.4. The user will be informed of the suspension or cancellation by e-mail. The user is informed that the data concerning him are kept in our computer for one year from the termination. 8. SCOPE AND VALIDITY OF THE CHARTER This User Agreement constitutes a contract between SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM and the users of the site and constitutes the entirety of the rights and obligations of SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM and the user. The terms and conditions of this Charter may be modified at any time and will be applicable as soon as it is put online. The applicable provisions are therefore those of the most recent user charter appearing online on the site. SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM therefore invites the user to regularly consult the User Charter on-line. In any event, the user present on the site is considered as having accepted unreservedly the terms and conditions of this Charter. TheDatingNetwork adultfriendfinder.sexycoquinesexy.com/partners - The Best Dating Affiliate Program SEXY-RONDE-LIBERTINE.COM THE 07 AUGUST 2017